10 January 2012


i cannot explain what happened on the later half of 2011...things got busier and busier and i ended up not posting anything after july 22. i am so sorry..

i don't think i can post photos after that day but i will still be making my layouts (for project 365-2011) and i will just post them once i get all the photos organized and the layouts done.

just a quick recap of the last year...the months when you didn't hear from me..

1. i finally got a part time job!!! i work in the bakery section of METRO, a grocery store here in Canada.

2. my mother and mother in law got their visas approved last september, they flew in last november and will be staying with us until may!!

3. we bought our own house!!! that is the super news of all!!!

2011 has been a wonderful year for me and my family... we are truly blessed in every way.

i will start 2012 very soon and will keep you posted with our daily adventure!!

i hope you will still share this journey of life with us...

21 September 2011

22 JULY 2011: day 203 (week 29)

friday is tennis night for me and nitz.. but of course we have the whole crew with us (i mean my little monsters..hehehe)! these are our new tennis friends.

21 JULY 2011: day 202 (week 29)

today sofia turned 4. (the party is not til saturday...). to celebrate her birthday, i allowed them to play in the little pool (with proper clothes!). it was a perfect day to dip in the water.

when they have cleaned up, we let sofia open up her gifts from us.

i am so proud of rafael. he bought her sisters (yes...both isabelle and sofia!) gifts! when we went to the mall to buy sofia's gift, rafael brought his money and asked sofia what she wanted. he felt isabelle wanted something too. then he said, 'even if it is not your birthday, i will buy you something too!'. he spent his 20 dollars for the gifts. that was so sweet of him. i am so proud of you son!!

20 JULY 2011: day 201 (week 29)

nitz put up sofia's swimming pool to make sure everything is in good order. of course the girls couldn't wait to try it out. so with their clothes on...they splashed!

19 JULY 2011: day 200 (week 29)

isabelle was invited by cole (her classmate last school year) to their house for some playtime. cole's mom picked up isabelle...

19 September 2011

18 JULY 2011: day 199 (week 29)

time to plan for the double birthday celebration of rafael and sofia!
this is the card i made!

17 JULY 2011: day 198 (week 28)

it was time to go home...
after breakfast, we cleaned up the cottage. then we took some group pictures!!
this is how big the group was... 8 families! we all had a great time!