10 January 2012


i cannot explain what happened on the later half of 2011...things got busier and busier and i ended up not posting anything after july 22. i am so sorry..

i don't think i can post photos after that day but i will still be making my layouts (for project 365-2011) and i will just post them once i get all the photos organized and the layouts done.

just a quick recap of the last year...the months when you didn't hear from me..

1. i finally got a part time job!!! i work in the bakery section of METRO, a grocery store here in Canada.

2. my mother and mother in law got their visas approved last september, they flew in last november and will be staying with us until may!!

3. we bought our own house!!! that is the super news of all!!!

2011 has been a wonderful year for me and my family... we are truly blessed in every way.

i will start 2012 very soon and will keep you posted with our daily adventure!!

i hope you will still share this journey of life with us...


bentonflocke said...

I´m so happy to hear something from you!

Missed you and your daily up-dates from you, your family and your get-togethers... and certainly about the weather in Canada!

Congrats to your new and own house!! Wish you´ll feel always comfortable and secure in yoour new home!!

Can´t wait to see it in real!

Also congrats to your part-time-job... hope it´s not too exhausting for you with the double burden

Take care of you!!

I´m looking forward to your new daily adventures.

Big greetings to your Mum and MIL

Hugs and bisous

Donna G. said...

What a great idea to post your weekly pages! I'm not doing those either!! =)

Gabs-Art said...

oh I am so happy you are okay. I really missed you! can't wait to see some photos from your new home! hugs,

I'm a Hater! said...

Don't stop writing Girlie! You know i am an avid fan. I get snetimental everytime you post something. Makes me wanna start my Project 365 once again... But it will have to wait until I get my license :)

gabs said...

Girlie, I miss you! Hope everything's fine?

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